Broadview Heights was part of Brecksville & North Royalton Townships from 1811 until November 30, 1926 when a vote taken by residents to incorporate passed 101 to 7, thus forming, in 1927 the Village of Broadview Heights with Floyd Harris, Mayor and Lloyd Harris, Town Marshall.  Broadview Heights became a city in 1960 and with the hilly terrain and desirable location, known as "Highest of the Heights” continues to grow and prosper.
The Broadview Heights Historical Society was organized to preserve and disseminate historical information to interested parties of our community and surrounding areas. Understanding the history of our community is basic to our democratic way of life, gives us an understanding of our state and nation, and helps us better to appreciate our American heritage. Membership is open to all for a nominal annual fee.
The door to our museum opened in 2019 and we are anxious to share the wonderful artifacts that will help you see our history. We also have an amazing military collection on display.

The Grand Opening of our building was on September 14, 2019. It is truly our dream come true. Our opening displays were a tribute to the early families of Broadview Heights and a Salute to the Military and our Veterans. We were fortunate to have one of our residents share his amazing military collection with us. These displays will continue for a while. Please click the 'EVENT' tab for dates and times we will be open to the public and other special events.

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President:  Candy Korn
Vice President:  Don Faulhaber
Historian:  Don Faulhaber
Museum Preparator: Dawn Russell
Secretary:  Mona Lisa Lenos
Treasurer Louise Fiszer
Trustees: Joe Behal, Glenn Goodwin, Mary Lou Bennett
Webmaster:  Lisa Putka


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