BHHS Pandemic Project

BHHS is committed to preserving the history of the residents and businesses of BVH

This has been an incredible year (so far) and while everything is still fresh in the minds of everyone, we want to begin to collect and document what has happened this year for future generations.

We are looking for documents, artifacts (paper menus, Covid 19 signs, etc.), sound files (interviews with family members recounting how this has affected their lives including children), videos (many families have taken videos of family events, graduations, etc.). Also, photographs, correspondence, journals, artwork (we know many of the children did art projects for school), music, poetry, recipes – anything that shows how you and your family or business experienced life during the Pandemic.

For more information and help in putting your family’s story together please email

The materials you share will become a part of the collections of the BHHS.

Date of Submission

Guidelines & Terms

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